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23 Feb 2018


Can you remember what sunshine even looks like? Nothing but grey skies for weeks? Be that as it may, don’t let it stop you getting outside to brave the elements in style.

The good news is you can always count on natural fiber knitwear, especially when the temperatures plummet. Wool is a perennial favorite – insulating, stretchy, supple, durable and sustainable. It is the perfect choice to keep you warm. What’s more, it comes in a huge choice of fabrics so there is something to suit every style. Allow us to take you through our winter wool favorites.

A breath of fresh air without the shivers

There’s nothing better for getting outside in the cold without fear of catching a chill than natural Pure Wool or Lambswool. The difference between them? It is simply that Pure Wool comes from adult sheep whereas Lambswool is sheared during the first 12 months.

The long fibers of Pure Wool make for a thick, heavy, cozy and hard-wearing yarn. Lambswool with its shorter strands is softer and more delicate, but still durable and long-lasting – which cannot be said for short- lived synthetic fibers like acrylic.

Both these wools are warm yet highly breathable, so they are the ideal choice for an energetic winter walk. What are you waiting for? Break out your favorite warm and cozy Polo Neck or a textured Cable Knit Sweater and enjoy nature without the shivers. You can thank us later !

WoolOvers Womens Lambswool Polo Sweater

WoolOvers Womens Pure Wool Button Shoulder Sweater


Cover up and layer up!

Winter sees us spending time at home, strolling around the shops and relaxing with family, whether indoors or out in the elements. Constant changes of temperature present a winter wardrobe challenge. Savvy dressers know the answer – layering. Or as our French friends say… the onion technique! The principle of layering is simple enough, just make sure you go for thin layers and save the thickest (our pure wool sweaters for example) for last to cover up. The key piece for this look is the cardigan, particularly looser edge to edge or waterfall styles. At WoolOvers we’ve put all our expertise into creating the most comfortable, finely detailed and beautifully textured cardigans. Layer them up and adjust your outfit for wherever your day takes you.

Our Cashmere & Merinos cardigans combine the luxurious softness of cashmere (a sought-after fiber originating from Mongolia), with the breathability of Merino wool, they offer the perfect blend of natural elegance and comfortable practicality.

We love this combination of a Cropped Cashmere & Merino Jacket, pencil skirt and a little top. Or complete your winter wardrobe with a simple Crew Neck Cardigan in a bright shade.

WoolOvers Cashmere and Merino Ripple Stitch Jacket

WoolOvers Ladies Cashmere and Merino Luxurious Cardigans

What is the cocooning trend?

We couldn’t get through winter without some quality cocooning time – hunkering down at home safe from the worst of the weather and the outside world. We loved the Hygge trend that invaded these shores from Denmark last year. What could be better than taking time to enjoy the special moments of daily life in a natural and cozy ambiance? Create your perfect cocoon in a Funnel Neck Sweater in super-soft Alpaca and Yak wool, or your choice of our Cashmere collections. Feel-good softness and tactile textures are a must!

WoolOvers Womens Wool Blend Funnel Neck Hidden Cable Sweater

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