Make your mind up with Merino

10 Feb 2017

Anyone else feeling confused over the weather recently? One minute it’s cold and wet, dreary and miserable, the next, bright and actually quite unseasonably warm. Frenetic weather of this type often makes weather-appropriate dressing very tricky indeed. Given how up and down the weather has been of late, it’s entirely understandable if you’ve been scratching your head in the morning over what, and what not, to wear.

Do you leave the house and make your way to work, swaddled in chunky, cosy layers only to find yourself sweating and regretting by lunchtime?!

Or maybe you go for only one, extra-thick, knitted layer. Whilst this may seem like a good idea at the time, a solid, warming layer can make you feel too hot half way through the day. And if you have only a single layer on you can’t cool down by simply taking it off, unless you want to sit at your desk at work in only your undies!

Goodness, the trials and tribulations of unsettled-weather dressing. The struggle is most definitely real!

So, what’s the answer? 100% Merino wool. This amazing, natural fibre is a smart, hard-working God-send to those who grapple with getting it right on those can’t-make-up-it’s-mind days.


Take a deep breath

Naturally hygroscopic, Merino wool is breathable. It can absorb and release water vapour accordingly. When you wear Merino wool in cold, wet conditions, it’s fibres absorb moisture vapour – up to 30% of its own weight – which generates energy and heat. When you return to warm, dry conditions, Merino wool releases moisture vapour, creating a cooling effect.

So, if you make a chilly commute into work in the morning, and arrive at a hot office, Merino wool is a good shout. It’ll keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. It’s very smart stuff!

Smart and practical, this sleek and sophisticated Mens 100% Merino Polo Neck Jumper is an essential when it comes to keeping cool (or warm) during your working day.

Mens 100% Merino Polo Neck Jumper

No sweat

Merino wool also boasts moisture-wicking properties, which are great news if you tend to overheat easily. Moisture (perspiration) upon your skin (caused by overheating) can actually lead to you feeling cold. So, if you find yourself all of a sudden too hot on an unsettled day, lightweight Merino wool layers will keep you feeling fresh. This lovely Womens 100% Merino V Neck Rib Cardigan is perfect for polished, primed-for-anything style!

Be prepared

If you’ve got dinner and drinks planned for after work, make sure you’re dressed for both a warm day and a chilly evening. Our popular Womens 100% Merino Milano Dress is a simple, yet stylish shortcut to a comfortable day-to-night dressing. What’s more, it is now available in soft, spring-ready colours, so you can look and feel your best all day long, in a pretty, suits-you shade! Perfect!

Womens 100% Merino Milano Dress

Maria Smyth

This is fantastic news I have been waiting for 100% Merino for a number of years. I now live most of the time in Greece and it is the perfect weight for the type of weather we have here. Neither too warm nor not warm enough. I hope to be making purchases soon.

13 Feb 2017 11:36
Sheila dickinson

Love merino dress

28 May 2017 06:40
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