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Wool Overs

Women's Wool Sleeveless

For effortless elegance and timeless appeal, our varied range of women’s wool sleeveless is both versatile enough for layering up in the winter, and soft enough to work as standalone fashion in the summer. Choose from cashmere and merino sweater vests, earthy waterfall-style vests and simple lambswool sleeveless tops in a variety of colors, along with many other sleeveless wool tops. Our ladies sleeveless sweater range is also 100% machine-washable. Should you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch, either by calling our in-house team or chatting online with a dedicated representative.

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Lambswool Sweater Vest
Pure Lambswool
$34.00  (USD)
Unisex Sweater Vest
Cashmere Merino
$40.00  (USD)
Wool Overs Wool Wash
$16.00  (USD)
Ladies Cable Sweater Vest
Cashmere Merino
$40.00  (USD)
Girly Sleeveless Buttoned Vest
Cashmere Merino
$40.00  (USD)
Cashmere and Merino Blanket Wrap
Cashmere Merino
$90.00  (USD)
Smart Sleeveless Vest
Cashmere Merino
$40.00  (USD)
Sleeveless Turtle Neck
Cashmere Merino
$48.00  (USD)
Long Classic Ladies Sleeveless Vest
Cashmere Merino
$54.00  (USD)
Fabric Pilling Comb
2 for $7.00 (USD)
Wool Overs

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