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Caring for your Wool Over

Simple steps to look after your sweater





Check your machine is set to no more than 104 Fahrenheit when washing wool sweaters or jerseys, to help prevent shrinking. Again, your machine should be pre-set to the wool setting temperature. However some machines have a separate temperature setting.


If a disaster occurs, and you pull a shrunken jersey out of the washing machine which has been run on the correct setting, we advise you to have the thermostat checked by a competent engineer. This may indicate a failure in the machine's temperature control. Wool Overs' garments are not individually treated to enable them to be washed in the machine. It is the yarn which receives the Hercoset manufacturing process, before the garments are knitted. Therefore, it is not possible for one garment to shrink, because all Wool Overs' fine British knitwear would be affected too.


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