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Wool Overs

Men's Slipovers

Wool Overs are delighted to offer a wonderful selection of men’s slipovers made from the finest quality cashmere, merino, cotton and pure lambswool. A Mens sweater vest is an excellent choice for a versatile look for added warmth and depth to an outfit. Creating a layered effect, the slipover is a classic look that can be worn with jeans for a casual style or with smart trousers for a more formal effect. Our men’s cashmere, knitwear range will not only look and feel refined, it will provide years of wear. Our slipovers are available in a range of colors and styles to suit every man.

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Lambswool Sweater Vest
Pure Lambswool
$34.00  (USD)
Unisex Sweater Vest
Cashmere Merino
$40.00  (USD)
Mens Sleeveless Buttoned Vest
Pure Lambswool
$40.00  (USD)
Sleeveless Argyle Sweater
Pure Lambswool
$40.00  (USD)
Wool Overs Wool Wash
$16.00  (USD)
Fabric Pilling Comb
2 for $7.00 (USD)
Cotton & Cashmere Bold Stripe Scarf
Cashmere Cotton
$34.00  (USD)
Wool Overs

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