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Short Sweaters & Cardigans

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Ladies Henley Shirt
Silk & Cotton
$34.00 $32.00 
2 for $48.00 (USD)
Colours Dark Olive/Pistachio, Flannel/Pale Pink, Pea Green, Brown Marl /Coral, Rich Rose last few remaining $24.00 each.
Ladies Argyle Sweater
Cashmere Merino
$48.00 $44.00 
2 for $84.00 (USD)
Ladies Hooded Sweater
Cashmere Merino
$54.00 $48.00 
2 for $84.00 (USD)
Colours Blueberry, Pea Green last few remaining $44.00 each.
Striped Henley Shirt
Silk & Cotton
$34.00 $28.00 
2 for $56.00 (USD)
Stripy Slouchy Sweater
Cashmere Merino
$48.00 $38.00 
2 for $70.00 (USD)

Short Sweater Short Cardigan

Welcome to the Wool Overs website, here you can find the fantastic selection of Short Sweaters and Short Cardigans that we have been supplying since 1989. Synonymous with unparalleled quality, Wool Overs aim is to provide you with the very best Short Sweaters and Short Cardigans for superb value. Whether looking for a short sweater to pair with a pair of trousers or a skirt, or perhaps a short cardigan to provide a light but cozy cover up in either silk and cotton or cashmere and merino.

Wool Overs Short Sweaters are available in both crew neck and vee neck styles, some with a fashionable trim detail around the neck line. We also provide short sweaters in Lambswool and silk and cotton with zip neck and full front zip fastenings for a more casual look.

Wool Overs have ensured that our selection of short sweaters and short cardigans is as varied as possible, and the assortment of colors that we offer ensures that you can team our garments with everything in your wardrobe. Available in a selection of bright colors including yellow, pink, blue, red and green or neutral colors such as beige, grey, black, white and brown.

A Quick History of Wool!
By the time the Romans invaded these islands in 55 BC the Britons had developed a wool industry and this was encouraged by their new masters. Roman emperors cherished British woolen cloth-'so fine it was comparable with a spider's web'.
The Saxon invasions in the fifth century nearly destroyed the industry. But it is known that in the eighth century Britain was exporting woolen fabrics to the Continent and after the arrival of the Norman conquerors in 1066 the industry expanded. By the twelfth century wool was becoming England's greatest national asset. Cloth making was widespread, particularly in the large towns of southern and eastern England nearest the Continent.
But the greatest wealth came from exports of raw wool. Kings and their ministers keenly appreciated the revenue that resulted from exports and export taxes-and for the power it gave to the king who could grant, or withdraw, concessions to the wool towns and to the industry.

Wool Overs

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