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Caring for your Wool Over

Simple steps to look after your jumper





With the manufacturing processes we have in place at Wool Overs, we have ensured our yarns, and knitting tensions minimize pilling (or bobbling). However, all wool will pill to a certain degree. This is more common in softer yarns and can occur in contact areas e.g. where your arm rubs against your body during wear. When pills appear, the garment can soon look a little untidy, but this is only a temporary condition.


The pilling balls can be removed easily by plucking or carefully shaving the fabric. Once the jersey has finished releasing these shorter fibers, the longer, higher twisted fibers will remain, and the pilling will cease. A similar process occurs during the first few weeks of walking on a new wool carpet. Washing your jumper in a washing machine speeds up the process of releasing the shorter fibers and the bobbles.


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