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Wool Overs logo. Cashmere, merino, cotton, silk and wool knitwear for men and women.

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Wool Overs
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Oxford Collar Cardigan
Pure Lambswool
$26.00  (USD)
Elegant Edge to Edge Cardigan
Cashmere Merino
$76.00  (USD)
Extra Long V Neck Cardigan
Silk & Cotton
$54.00  (USD)
Classic Long V Neck Ladies Cardigan
Cashmere Merino
$62.00  (USD)
Buttoned Poncho & Shrug
Cashmere Merino
$68.00  (USD)
Waterfall Cardigan
Cashmere Merino
$68.00  (USD)
Open Front Cardigan
Cashmere Cotton
$40.00  (USD)
Cashmere and Merino Blanket Wrap
Cashmere Merino
$90.00  (USD)
Wool Overs

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